Discourse 2.7.0.beta7 upgrade failing

Have a look at PostgreSQL 13 update

docker run --rm -v /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data:/var/lib/postgresql/12/data \ -v /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data_new:/var/lib/postgresql/13/data \ tianon/postgres-upgrade:12-to-13

I tried this command to upgrade the postgres, but it is not working, any ideas? With this error:

Checking cluster versions ok

Consult the last few lines of “pg_upgrade_server.log” for
the probable cause of the failure.

connection to database failed: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
Is the server running locally and accepting

If you followed the directions in the topic that I linked to and it didn’t work, you can ask there. I don’t recognize what you gave as something that’s there, through I didn’t re-read it.

Another solution is to back up the existing site and create a new server and restore the backup there