Discourse-adsense breaks site after last update


Keep getting a blank page with “TypeError: Ember.Handlebars.helper is not a function.” After the last upgrade and can’t even get into the /admin pages.

I’m guessing it’s a broken plugin that I have installed, but could affect others as well…?

edit: looks like the culprit is discourse-adsense:

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

Has this plugin been updated @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #3

Yes the problem is that plugin has been updated for Ember 2.4, but looks like I broke it in Ember 1.11 - for now a quick fix would be to check out the stable branch of the plugin instead of master. I’ll see if I can make it work in both releases.

edit: Now I’m not so sure – either way I’m looking at it now.

(Robin Ward) #4

Ah, I was confused between discourse-adplugin and discourse-adsense - I’ll get them a PR today.

(Robin Ward) #5

Okay, I’ve made a pull request to the adsense plugin:

Unfortunately I have no way to test this myself since I don’t have an adsense account but I suspect it will work. @mr8 you could try installing from my branch here:

(Additionally, you might want to try the discourse-adplugin which is officially supported.)

(Michael - DiscourseHosting.com) #6

Thanks a million, but it looks like it’s giving errors, and I have no clue how to debug this since Ember is not my forte :frowning:
Details in the pull request…


Thanks! I don’t have access to a computer right now, but I’ll try it out when I get home.

I did try the officially supported version but there was something I didn’t like about it (can’t remember what it was).

(Roland) #8

I just installed that. Im getting an error and cant change anything in adsense section. Information is correct but wont let me save.


IIRC, you need to turn off your ad-blocker to save changes.

(Roland) #10

:grin: thanks. will try that in a bit