Discourse & Amazon SES

Hi all,

I installed Discourse by following this guide on my hetzner cloud.

I’m going to use Amazon SES for the email service. So, I started SES on my AWS account, added the subdomain forum.mydomain.com, verified all records.

Then I generated the SMTP credentials and added those credentials during installation.

But still, email is not working!

I checked the troubleshooting discussion, but I couldn’t see anything related to SES to fix my issue.

Here are my doubts;

  1. I verified the subdomain on SES, still, needs to verify the email? I think discourse is using noreply@forum.mydomain.com, in that case, how can I verify that email???

  2. I can see some users here are saying Amazon SES won’t allow sending emails on sandbox mode. My account is on sandbox mode now: Screenshot by Lightshot

Is that is the reason? I already request for a limit raise, now waiting for their response.

I even uncomment this line from app.yml and rebuild it, but no luck:


Please help.


@akhil Sandbox, you can only send email with same domain. I think you should send a request to increase limit and move out sandbox.

You can edit noreply@forum.mydomain.com to your email that is verified in Amazon SES.

I use and it’s working fine.

Hope to help you!


Request a limit increase on Your SES account and You’ll be good to go.

Alternatively, You can decide to use mailgun which doesn’t have such limitations.