Discourse and Apache using same ports

(Bloodshot Pico) #1

Hello, I am currently having a problem where Discourse and Apache are using the port?

And basically the website is broken…

Any help with this?
Thanks for reading.


Apache and discourse
(James North) #2

Unless you do proxy forwarding through Apache, you can’t have Apache running with Discourse as well. Within the Docker, nginx is the web server.

I would use nginx if you need to serve other sites and forward a port to Docker (I’ve done this to run 3 Discourse installations on one box).

(Bloodshot Pico) #3

We don’t use nginx as we have no idea how to configure that kind of thing. xP
But thank you for the response… :slight_smile:

If anyone would be willing to help through getting that to work it would be amazing. ;3


(James North) #4

Uninstall Apache and Discourse will work for now.

NGINX is pretty similar to Apache in terms of locations of config and all that stuff, but to get it working with a live site on :80 while Discourse runs on like :81 or something, there are a few guides.

Here’s one:

(Bloodshot Pico) #5

Thank you, I’ll take a more in depth look into this, when my friend is online. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help.