Discourse and MediaWiki on separate server DNS/Domain help?

(James Robert Knight) #1

I’m trying to run Discourse and MediaWiki on separate DigitalOcean droplets, and I’ve reconfigured the DNS for @ and www to the MediaWiki, but the @ is being hijacked to discourse… The www is working fine.

Can someone help?

http://vyktory.xyz and http://www.vyktory.xyz are the domains I’m having issues with.

(Matt Palmer) #2

Discourse can’t “hijack” a DNS entry, because it has no access to the DNS entries on your domain. Examining the DNS records as currently published, www.vyktory.xyz doesn’t exist, and vyktory.xyz points to an IP address which is issuing a redirect to discourse.vyktory.xyz, which is pointing to the same IP address.

So, I’d suggest:

  1. Actually creating an A record for www.vyktory.xyz, presumably pointing at the droplet hosting the MediaWiki site; and
  2. Pointing vyktory.xyz at the correct droplet.