Discourse and Wordpress Integration

(aeid) #1

It would be awesome to see Discourse integrated with Wordpress sites as a plugin. Any news or insight on this eventually happening?

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(Jonathan Sampson) #2

What do you mean; like embeddable Discourses to replace services like Disqus?

(aeid) #3

Yes, it could be used to replace commenting systems like discuss or as a standalone page within a Wordpress site.

(Robert May) #4

I would have thought this could be handled entirely in a WordPress plugin using the Discourse API. I suspect we’ll know more about the possibilities as documentation gets written :smiley:

(Cafeine) #5

In 2013, I have to say that I can’t believe how EVERY CMS ON THE MARKET completely sux on the comments side. And dont let me start on IPB and their “portal / CMS” stuff… So yeah, I dream of a REAL commenting system / forum that plays nicely with wordpress / Drupal / Whatever.

Why NO ONE even did a CMS + Forum is beyond me. :x I mean a GOOD one…

(Sam Freney) #6

The really neat thing that could happen here is the ability to access member data from the wordpress site, so that member-driven sites (where, e.g. you can only comment if you’re signed in) could use Discourse in place of that discussion.

Does using Postgres instead of MySQL limit that possibility? At this point I’m out of my depth.

(Lowell Heddings) #7

I think the whole point is to replace Wordpress comments with Discourse. You wouldn’t need the WP user database at that point.

That feature is on the eventual feature list already. Just will be a while.

(Adrian) #8

Unless of course, you use the WP User database for other non comment related activities.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

I think the reason is because they are very, very different things.

WordPress is a great blogging platform, but a terrible forum.

The “kitchen sink” school of design means you will be “OK” at everything instead of great at one thing. That’s how I see it anyway.

(Sam Freney) #10

Yes, the point is to replace Wordpress comments with Discourse, but as @navitronic said, it’s not the only thing the user database is useful for. Restricting access to the ability to comment, for one.

(kigurai) #11

So, if you have a wordpress site, and want to use discourse for discussions. Can I do that with the users only ever having one user account for the entire site?

(Sam Saffron) #13

Not at the moment, but something we will explore eventually. Sharing auth is very big in the corporate space.

(Cafeine) #14

[quote=“codinghorror, post:9, topic:531”]I think the reason is because they are very, very different things.

WordPress is a great blogging platform, but a terrible forum.

The “kitchen sink” school of design means you will be “OK” at everything instead of great at one thing. That’s how I see it anyway.[/quote]

I agree, but the fact is every CMS needs to build a comment system. When you build a big website, you need to moderate those comments. In the end, you need everything a forum is doing. They are different but very often you need them both on the same website…

The path we choose on our biggest project is to merge IPB and our custom CMS. (gameblog.fr) Everything from the readers is from IPB. We just “hide” it a bit. :wink:

I think that if Discourse is able to ease that “merge”, it will be a huge success. That means it can merge into the look of the website too. No one needs a “new” forum software. We need a new building block to current CMS. That’s how I see it. :wink:

(citizenmilton) #15

There’s been a couple comments that say Discourse is indeed going to merge the gap between comments on blog entries and discussions on forums. But Discourse’s current blog section uses standard Wordpress comments. Ideally, I’d see those comments-on-the-blog entry also be accessible in the forum. As others have indicated, this is a feature that’s long been needed on CMSs and forum platforms.

If there’s anyone from Discourse in this thread, could you illuminate any plans in this area? Is this something envisioned as an eventual core capability of Discourse or reserved more as an area for someone to develop a plugin?

(Aaron) #16

Actually they are not that different. They try to be. But really, what is so different about a post in Wordpress with a bunch of comments than a forum thread? Just the way it’s styled (to highlight the original post rather than the comments). Integrating a CMS and forum is a nightmare to implement and maintain over years of updates to each package. Really wouldn’t most sites be better off with a forum that has a category that acts like a blog and a portal page to highlight those discussions?

(Aaron) #17

Yeah I have to agree that the lack of an integrated “Community Content System” is baffling. I was excited to use IPB’s suite but after years of using it I concluded it was great in concept, but failed miserably in the details.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #18

I’ve (well, my employer, Bloomberg) has been looking for something to do exactly this: a solid forum package that can also be integrated with our Wordpress site(s) so that blogs+comments become threads in forum categories and users can interact through either mechanism.

(Aaron) #19

Vanilla has done this with some success.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #20

Yes, we have been investigating it. However, it’s not as open as Discourse is (it’s partially open source, but the really nice features are closed and only available on their hosting platform).

(finid) #21

I have a WP site where registration is not reqd to comment. But for a tutorial with 400+ comments, I find that searching thru existing comments is awful.

I’ve tried other forum and QA platforms before deciding to use Askbot. But here comes Discourse, which is a lot better than Askbot.

So now the idea is to install Discourse and shutdown my comment system completely. That way, I do not have to worry about spam and anti-spam plugins and focus instead writing and maintaining Discourse.

What would be nice to have is to be able to embed Discourse in WP, so that users on WP can see real time updates of posts on the Discourse side.