Discourse and Wordpress Integration

(Federico) #106

Im using Discourse with SSO in Magento (people log in Magento)
I also have a wordpress blog and want to use Discourse for comments.
Any idea if it will work?
The login is handled by Magento. WP is the blog and Discourse the forum.
Is that possible?
I ask it because WP plugin use SSO. Is that obligued?

(Steven Greco) #107

Should. You don’t need to be logged in to pull the comments over. Just need the api key and a username to post as.

(Rory Parkinson) #108

Hi @finid - out of interest did you work out a way to do that well. I am in the early stages of launching a new WP site with Discourse integrated along with a membership plugin. Would be keen to see your site if you succeeded. Thanks.

(gingerling) #109

Not sure if this is the right place. If we have a wordpress site with buddypress profiles and discourse as our forum, can we have shared login (you log in to wordpress and discourse with same deets?)

(etc) #110

@gingerling PrimeTime WordPress + Discourse SSO — WordPress Plugins

(Kiran Kumar Chava) #111

Any idea how to migrate existing posts and comments of wordpress to discourse?

(walt c) #112

I’ve recently completed and integrated Discourse into my membership site (www.mobilevate.com) leveraging the Git Hub plugin (GitHub - discourse/wp-discourse: WordPress plugin that lets you use Discourse as the community engine for a WordPress blog). Now I’m trying to figure out if its possible to publish comments to Discourse while in WP - but it doesn’t look possible.

(Francois Wessels) #113

How would it work if user registration is handled by WordPress? Does the wp-discourse plugin handle the syncing over of profile fields to Discourse? For instance, sign-up as a user on WP, does this automatically sync over the profile fields as well or what is best practice in this regard. I would not like users to maintain two seperate profiles.


(Stephen) #114

The first question you would probably need to answer is why you want to have more than credentials handled at WordPress. In a WordPress -> Discourse scenario there’s a pretty good case to just use WordPress for identity and allow Discourse to handle anything else.

Do you use user profiles on WordPress?

WP-Discourse is primarily focused on bringing comments back to the WordPress site, the SSO element is a relatively recent development. One of the two would need to become authoritative for user profile data, if not that sync would need to become bidirectional, which really complicates any implementation.

Previous comments have made it clear we’re unlikely to see true comment sync, ‘correctly’ integrating Discourse replies with the WordPress commenting, I don’t think they’ve ever given us a position on profiles but would hope that it’s secondary to the core function.

That said, you could always extend the plugin yourself, the API exposes user fields and custom attributes.

(Francois Wessels) #115

HI @steve_pd, thanks for the reply. Yes we do use WordPress user profiles – we use profiles for BuddyPress as well so its pretty important for us. I would like to populate the profile on Discourse so that the user does not have to do it twice. WordPress is thus handles the credentials.

As I understand the basic info for Discourse is synced by the plugin upon account creation, I think we should be able to work with this.

We would like to sync comments as well, true comment sync is not a dealbreaker for us :smile:


(etc) #116

If you’re using BuddyPress, you’re already going to have lots of issues trying to get everything synced. Since BP profiles predated WP’s, many of their implementations are proprietary. For example, their profile pictures don’t use the standard media library and the APIs aren’t the same.

I know this is one of the things that JJJ has been working on, but there’s still a ways to go for BP to play well with core WP profiles.

(Francois Wessels) #117

@etc so what you’re saying as that when using BP you are actually sitting with a separate profile apart from the WP profile. In this instance, how would you suggest we continue – any advice will be helpful?


(etc) #118

Yes, for the most part. At the very least, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to use the BP XProfile system or WP’s own. The problem is, many of the plugins/themes that have BP integration use one or the other. The best you can do is try to keep both in sync. BP is equally one of the best and worst things within the WP ecosystem.

The BP profile image system is also separate from WP’s and doesn’t use the media library. The API is garbage.

In other words, if you thought BP was going to deliver to you an integrated, seamless social experience with WP, you’re about to be extremely disappointed.

(etc) #119

Here’s a great example:

BP only has a “name” field by default. It doesn’t use first name and last name. If you want to sync with the WP profiles, you have to handle that manually.

(Grid7) #121

Pardon the complete n00b question but does Discourse need to be running on the same physical server as the Wordpress site for the wp-dicourse plugin to work?

I installed the plugin per the instructions on Github but I’m unclear how you tell Wordpress where the Discourse instance lives and then how to authenticate the WP instance <-> Discourse.

Again apologies if this is the wrong place to be asking a technical question on this topic but I didn’t want to clutter the Github issues feed with one that’s so clearly a result of my obliviousness. thanks!

(Jay Wu) #122

you can, however post the question to github and might possibly get you a better answer
but yea you’re right……technical questions unrelated to development tend to get deleted fast cuz they don’t like it.

discourse and Wordpress can be in their own separate box across the atlantic and that’s okay.
so no they don’t need to be on the same physical server.

go to the plugin’s (WP-discourse) setting page, the first thing you’ll see is this…… pretty much self explanatory uh?
Discourse URL tells WP where to find the thing and API key is how discourse tells WP “oh put it in here….” i.e. authenticate.

actually, the official discourse bosses and me too prefer to put discourse and WP in separate severs, there’re good reason to it.
hope it helps.

(Kane York) #123

Absolutely not. Separate or together makes no difference.

You tell Discourse where WordPress is and give them both the same sso_secret and it should work.

Make sure that you’re validating email addresses, otherwise you’re opening yourself to spam.

(Grid7) #124

awesome. somehow completely missed the settings page even after hunting through the settings tab 5x (too many darn plugins installed).
Anyways thx so much for your response! This resolves it. cheers

(Jonathan Wexler) #125

I am wondering months later if you possibly followed Lowell Heddings advice and got Discourse working well with WordPress multisite. His solution seems ideal for what I would like to build.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) closed #126

The official WordPress plugin has been available for a long time now and is being improved at a steady pace: