Discourse and wordpress

(Louis Derrac) #1

Hi there !

I have installed Discourse on a subdomain ( http://forum.tpe.madmagz.com/fr ), then tried to link it to my wordpress blog ( Madmagz TPE - Le site référence pour réussir vos TPE - Madmagz TPE ) using wp-discourse. Sadly, it just doesn’t work :frowning: Here is an example of an article I just posted. I have the message “Start the discussion at http://forum.tpe.madmagz.com”, but when I click, the post just reload, there is no redirection, no post has been created on my discourse.

So, I have 2 questions :

  • How do I make it work ?
  • How can I force discourse on all my previous posts (+500) and not only the new ones I publish ?

Thanks a lot !