Discourse App Crashing on Note 8 (Android 8.0)

Been using the Discourse app on my Note 8 for a while now. It was working just fine when my phone was running android nougat. Today that I updated to latest android oreo whenever now I am opening the app it is only loading a white blank screen on its startup and simply closing itself after few seconds. Any solutions??

I don’t have a Note 8, but I’m running Android 8.1 and use the app daily. I can also confirm that it worked throughout last year when running 8.0.


First thing I would try is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

If it doesn’t fix anything I will look at crashlogs and see if that’s something we can fix.


I’ve been eating Oreo for ages and have not experienced any stability issues with the Discourse app on my Nexus 6P.