Discourse as a replacement for MediaWiki "Talk:" pages

(leo) #1

We’re considering replacing our (currently barely used) Talk: pages (on a MediaWiki-based site) with Discourse. We think pairing good discussion with consensus-driven wiki page development could be very productive.

Any thoughts on how doable this might be?

(Nick Sahler) #2

Currently we don’t have an external comment system implemented, but it is and was part of our plans, and is a pretty important goal.
Don’t worry :smiley:

(Joe ST) #3

Has anything happened on this? We are also thinking about using discourse for a wiki community thing and would love it if it could replace the chat pages/

(Erick Guan) #4

Why not use Flow? This is powered by Wikimedia Foundation and lots of integration with VisualEditor.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Can I get a deeper explanation of the specific use cases here? How tied together do they need to be? Since this was written, we added a wiki mode for posts, so you could use Discourse as a lightweight wiki… just have a mod use the wrench menu on the post to change it to wiki mode and any trust level 1 user can edit the post, with full version history.

(Joe ST) #6

I already have a mediawiki instance with lots of content and I mainly just want to replace the horrible wiki talk pages with an actual forum software for discussion which uses existing user accounts. I don’t particularly want Flow since it seems like a currently in development solution for wikipedia/WMF rather than a well developed forum software for developing the community around the wiki. I also don’t currently have Visual Editor installed and don’t know if I want to until it becomes easier to use.

Basically I have a wiki with a rather small community and even then the default talk pages are a horrible solution for community engagement. I want to encourage a community around the wiki with a solution which is easy to use and understand and have no requirements for integration with prior wikipedia based conventions around discussion etc. So really I’m happy if I can have some form of account sharing, and potentially some kind of easy integration to replace the chat namespaces with forum links or something.

Thank you for your help and apologies for my late reply

(Jason Rockwood) #7

Hi, I’m looking to do the same thing as Joe ST. I have a mediawiki site, and I’d like to create SSO with existing mediawiki accounts on my site, and I’d like to replace my Talk pages with Discourse pages.

(Sebastian) #8

Awesome idea. I have a huge wiki (talk pages practically unused) and a rather active forum I am currently migrating to Discourse. It would be great to intertwine the two in a not so complicated manner. I would be particularly interested in a way to exercise control over which topics are replacing which talk pages (I have a movie database so it would be neat to have one forum thread for each movie entry, and no forum thread for pages that are categories or other things). I am curious to see where this might be heading…

(everetrr) #9

I to am looking into this, I have a mediawiki instance which I am debating on transferring into discourse all together. As far as I can tell I don’t think anyone would miss the talk pages on mediawiki especially since staring a discussion below a wiki post is much nicer in discourse. Other than that are there other unforeseen that I am missing? You know, things that mediawiki users expect and discourse does not offer?