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(Daniel Lopez) #1

Hi everyone,

At BitNami we make it easy for people to install open source software by providing free installers, virtual machines and Amazon Machine images. We have a lot of popular apps, including Rails-based ones like Redmine. Every two weeks, we create a contest in which our users decide which application we should package.

Discourse is one of the top voted apps right now and the contest finishes on Monday. You can vote for Discourse here:

[UPDATE: Discourse won the contest and is available at Discourse Cloud Hosting, Discourse Installer, Docker Container and VM]

If Discourse wins, we will be providing all-in-one native installers for Windows, OS X and Linux that will bundle Apache, a Ruby runtime with Rails, a database, etc. so you can run Discourse locally for development (or just to try it out). We will also provide Ubuntu-based virtual machines that you can download and run in VMWare and machine images for Amazon Web Services and Azure.

Best regards


(Philip James) #2

If you succeed in this I think you’ll have a better install scenario than the devs themselves currently have. They might have some wizardry of their own, though.

Have you at BitNami gotten a Discourse install running? What were your specs?

(Daniel Lopez) #3

We are very interested in Discourse as maybe a replacement for own Q&A forum. We haven’t packaged it yet for hosting in the cloud, but in our experience with other Rails / Django apps like OSQA or Redmine, it should be fine running in a micro for light / development loads. We use Passenger and a fine-tuned MySQL to have it run as well as possible in a constrained environment (micro instances are very popular with our users to just try stuff, because you can launch them for free with the AWS free tier)

(finid) #4

Just a minor correction, but I think you intended to write “free” in “by providing fee installers.”

Now to the more important point.

Are you able to package an installer that can be used on a cPanel-managed server running CentOS?

(Sam Saffron) #5

just an FYI, MySQL is not on the cards for Discourse. We are a Postgres app and have a strong dependency there. At the moment some of the “live” aspects will be impacted a bit with Passenger, I do plan on implementing the latest hijack api at some point so the experience on Passenger is closer to what it is on Thin.

(Daniel Lopez) #6

Thanks, corrected the fee->free typo. No, we currently do not support cPanel. We support any version of Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. but we bundle all the servers and dependencies required.

(Daniel Lopez) #7

We support both MySQL and PostgreSQL for our stacks. We also support Thin, Passenger, etc. so we can use whatever is more efficient. We will bundle whatever is best supported/more efficient at time of release

(Sam Saffron) #8

Awesome, hoping we win, though it looks like we are a tad behind at the moment :cry:

(Daniel Watkins) #9

I’ve cast my vote, but we’re now down in to third. :frowning:

(finid) #10

A noobish question here: If I install Discourse using Bitnami, then when the stable version of Discourse is released, install another instance using an “official” method of installation, would it be possible to migrate data from the Bitnami-based instance to the new one?

(savagelight) #11

This is fantastic. Anything to make trying Discourse easier. I will implement it as soon as you produce the VMware image.

(finid) #12

If you plan to replace your OSQA-powered forum with Discourse, how do you intend to migrate existing site data - registered users and other data - to the new Discourse-powered site?

(Daniel Lopez) #13

Yes, there’s nothing proprietary about it, you can migrate between a Bitnami instance and a regular one

(Daniel Lopez) #14

In the past, what we did is “freeze” our existing forums in read-only mode and have a banner at the top directing people to the new one. This time we will probably attempt a migration of the content, but we haven’t even look into what would be involved yet.

(Daniel Lopez) #15

Just wanted to mention XOOPS ended up winning the last contest. The next round is up and Discourse is tied for first place right now Bitnami Application Wishlist If you have a minute, please vote :smile:

(Daniel Watkins) #16

Voted again. We’re in the lead!

(Daniel Lopez) #17

Thanks to everybody who voted for Discourse and helped promote the contest. It was the winner last Monday and we are close to having it packaged. You can see the announcement here:

I will keep you updated of our progress.

Thanks again!

(Daniel Lopez) #18

As part of our development we have submitted the following patch to allow installation with a prefix URL (such as installation in example.com/discourse). It would be great if you can take a look and provide feedback / merge it. Thanks!

(Sam Saffron) #19

We love the change just were a bit worried to merge it in on the weekend since it is so big, we will look at merging it ASAP next week

(Daniel Lopez) #20

We are getting close to release Discourse on BitNami, hopefully within the next couple of days. If you have a few minutes, could you please take a look at this early release and give us your feedback? If you are running a Mac, just download and unzip. If you are running Linux, you will need to give it executable permissions (chmod +x *.run) and then invoke the installer. It will install Apache, Rails, PostgreSQL and Discourse, so it will work out of the box. Once we release the official build, we will also create VMs and Amazon/Azure cloud images. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for somebody who is interested in Discourse to try it (even if they are not Rails experts)


md5sum: 3d85a427a1a9528396af3183c91d353b


md5sum: c5acb00766cd4565c970b2dae22ddff3


md5sum: 80c3ca2ff5dcd1081e4034829633706e