Discourse Backups to Dropbox (Deprecated)

(Jen) #43

Hi, reading over the thread of this post I came across the question:

How advisable would it be to not only delete but delete permanently the old backups that are sent to the trash? I’ve added that to discourse-sync-to-box but I’m hesitant about it, opinions?

(Jen) #44

This is also happening when keeping two or more backup providers folders at the same time. It will try to execute the Job from the first used even if it’s deactivated. Taking out the backup provider folder from the app and doing redis-cli shutdown plus executing again bundle exec sidekiq solves the issue. Not ideal tho.


with the last upgrade, 502 bad gateway…discourse forum DOWN :frowning:

(Christoph) #46

By posting this here, are you implying that the Dropbox plugin is the reason for the problem?

This might be relevant:


yes, when i try to install this plugin with the last upgrade, my discourse forum shut down.
I removed the Git link in the app.yml and now, i’am able to relaunch my discourse forum.

Before this last version, there was no problem my brother with this plugin…

(Jen) #48

@NotAfk your logs show you’re still using discourse-backups-to-dropbox naming. This plugin depends on discourse-sync-base to work now and they load alphabetically. You need to

  1. Install discourse-sync-base
  2. Rename the Dropbox plugin to discourse-sync-to-dropbox


i don’t understand, what is it mean " they load alphabetically." please ?
And how i remane the plugin name ?

How i can install discourse sync base, i put the git link of this plugin on my app.yml and i rebuild ?

(Alberto Aguirre) #50

Yes, for example see my app.yml here: Upgrade discourse-backups-to-dropbox

(Christoph) #51

I’m not following what exactly the issue with the Dropbox plugin is or why it occurs.

By “still”, are you implying that this is outdated/ no longer supported? If so, what is “discourse-backups-to-dropbox naming”?

My impression is that something has changed with the installation procedure which is not yet reflected in the OP. Is that correct @Falco?

(Roland) #52

Is there an update to if this is stable/ will be future supported? I just had to remove it as i was blocking my rebuild. I dont understand the naming either and the link from @AlbertA bottom of thread shows someone that tried it and still getting errors?

(Jay Pfaffman) #53

Hey @Falco. Can you have a look at this? I s also unable to make Dropbox work even after adding the other plugin.

(Jeff Atwood) #54

Falco is busy right now so I am just deprecating this plugin until we can deal with it later.

It is also unclear how this fits into the other work by Rails Girls on making a generic “backup to X” plugin framework.

(Jay Pfaffman) #55

It seems that the problem is that the genetic backup to x plugin beef to be loaded before the Dropbox plugin, but they are loaded in alpha order rather than the order in app.yml, but I’ve not confirmed this myself.

(Jeff Atwood) #56

This massively predates that other work (check the dates) and is completely unrelated.

(Jay Pfaffman) #57

But the Dropbox plugin was recently changed to use the new framework, I’m pretty sure.

(cpradio) #58

Because the Rails Girls seem to have updated this one to work with backup sync…

S3 Backups - not even trying?
(Jeff Atwood) #59

Well, it’s not working, so it is cancelled for now. At least the dropbox bit. Copy your backup files through the browser, or something.

(Jeff Atwood) #61

Don’t care, this work is cancelled for now.

(Jeff Atwood) closed #62

Plugin install statistics
(Robin Ward) #63

I’ve reverted the Rails Girls changes to the backups-to-dropbox plugin, so it should work again for people who have not upgraded to the newer and better discourse-sync-to-dropbox plugin.

We should consider this plugin deprecated now.