Discourse badge gamification, can it be translated to rating reputation system?

(Love Chopra ) #1


As discourse is designed to for community, lets assume if somebody wants to build a community where at one end there is a pool of experts and at other end there are normal user who looking for these experties, more like any doctors marketplace community, where users can rate a doctor.

I want to understand is there any way where we can use discourse gamified badge system and can translate it to rating? or in some other form through which we can show some reputation index of expert on their profile?

(Kane York) #2

Well, Discourse is more about community participation than being an expert in something, so I don’t think it will translate over well.

(Mittineague) #3

Amen to that. Though I like to think I know more than some in some areas (I won’t call myself “expert” in anything, I’m human), I freely admit I’m a complete newbie in others.

Even though I have seen up-voting abused in the past, I would like an easier way to access Like stats. Not as a “end all” but to use in a vetting process.

At vB we had “badges” for Staff and for having gotten various awards. eg. “PHP Guru 2012”.
Though to me a badge doesn’t mean “this member is infallible” it is true that many members take such a badge as meaning that what the member says is somehow more trustworthy than if they didn’t have the badge.

Similarly, many interpreted a high post count as signifying that a member’s posts somehow were more trustworthy. Even though the high post count could have been racked up by perpetually asking newbie questions

So I guess giving a subset of forum members an “expert” badge might have some value, as long as it is earned and not given lightly.

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

I like this idea, it could grow people engaging and belonging.