Discourse category issue, javascript errors for topTopicCount because of permissioning issues on a category

Discourse category issue 2.2.3 - We created a private category and wanted to change the permissions from “everyone” to a specific group of users. We incorrectly saved the category after removing everyone and not adding any other users. This did not give any errors but created corrupt data in the db, incorrect category rows in the postgres category table. This took down the Forums page, no errors from the api or the logs, javascript error for not finding topTopicCount. This also took down category navigation page.

Deleting the category records from the tables restored the Forums.

Hiya! :wave:

Sorry to hear your forums went down. :frowning_face:

I’ve tried to reproduce this error and haven’t been able. When I remove all the users and save the category, the staff group is automatically added.

I recommend you make sure your site is up-to-date; if that issue persists try using safe mode to debug. :mag: