Discourse-chat-integration replies from slack thread not populating in discourse

I have set up the discourse-chat-integration to connect to a slack organization. I followed all of the instructions from the discourse-chat-integration plugin guide. I’ve also set up a rule so that everything posted in a support Category is then posted into a test slack channel with the filter “all posts with threaded replies”.

What is successfully happening:

  • posting new topics in the support category in discourse triggers a new post to be posted in the test channel in slack
  • posting replies into that same topic on discourse results in a reply in slack to the thread that was started when the parent topic was created

What isn’t happening / what I’d like to also occur:
When a slack messages is added to the thread that was started by a discourse post, I’d like that slack reply to be added to DIscourse as a reply in the parent topic.

I read through the documentation, and could not find this functionality, but perhaps I missed something. Is this something that can be done with the discourse-chat-integration plugin? If not, do you have suggestions on plugins or tools to use to do this?