Discourse Chat plugin

(Sam Saffron) #1


I feel chat is a very integral part of online Discourse, especially for smaller communities. Discourse has a pretty sweet message bus that would make implementing this a breeze.

I would love to see chat with oneboxes, edit abilities, search and notifications with a special “chat” tab that lists all the active rooms and security that allows for particular groups of users to participate in particular rooms.

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Using Discourse as a chat application
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(jcolebrand) #2

You do know I’m working on an open clone of SEChat right? I’m doing it in NodeJS but once I get the model right I could rewrite it into other languages, if I had some help.

I’m also writing a custom framework because I don’t like Express/Connect, but that’s another nearly-unrelated thing.

(sparr) #3

I hope to see something like StackExchange Chat built into/for Discourse

(acous) #4

Might it be cool if there was a “room” for each thread? That would integrate the chat with the more permanent discussion. Don’t know if I’d like to see chat as side area with permanent rooms when the main discussion is much more dynamic with branching threads etc.

(Sean Conlin) #5

To me, Chat and Forums seem like 2 different things altogether. I’m having trouble imagining chat that wouldn’t take away from the forum discussion and vice versa.

(Luke Larris) #6

Not a big fan of chatrooms on forums - imo it just hurts discussion.

(Michael Brown) #7

If I could replace my existing team chat systems with Discourse, restyled to be a chat system rather than a forum system, it would be amazing like a

That system could potentially sit alongside a Discourse Forum install. It depends on the community!

(Claus Strasburger) #8

What @supermathie said. How about simply a category with less restrictive sentinels and an always-open reply field (but still with all the good stuff, like markdown, oneboxer etc pp)


Hey @sam, how is the development of the chat? It would be great to retain more users on the forum. Perhaps not need to be so complex. A shoutbox at the top of the home page would be a great start. :sunglasses:

(Clay Heaton) #10

The other use case here, at least for us, is that we’re back and forth between Discourse and Slack. It drives me nuts when interesting and important information goes onto Slack and I try to encourage my team to put it on Discourse. It would be great to have some type of minimal Slack functionality (aka chat) built into Discourse as a way to consolidate communication platforms.

(Sam Saffron) #11

I want chat, at 63 votes chat is by far the top voted anything on meta. The good news is that a large amount of the internals needed for chat are already built into Discourse.

We have the message bus that can keep message up to date, we have topics and posts that can be “subverted” to operate in a chat mode. A lot is built.

However, there is a non-trivial amount of work in getting to a polished chat plugin. At Stack Exchange it took 2 developers almost 6 months to build the chat product. Clearly we would not be looking at this scale of work, but probably a month or so to get something polished and integrated.

Trouble is, the time we would need to invest here means that something has to give, and at the moment not a lot can give. If this was somehow sponsored it would be a much easier decision to make, but giving up “performance”, “general extensibility” etc is a hard sell here.

Using Discourse as a chat application