Discourse Compliments the Simplicity and Versatility of Chrome OS

With Chrome OS devices largely being based around the web and the cloud, the same exact Discourse design manages to fit in extremely well with touchscreens and a cursor/keyboard. Discourse was able to accomplish what Windows 8 couldn’t.

With regards to Chrome OS though, Discourse manages to remain versatile on a Chromebook, a Chromebox, a Chromebase, and a Chromebit. The same responsive design of Discourse is able to adapt to so many screen sizes. That it is truly unbelievable.

I love the days when I’m able to pull out my Pixelbook Go, get a cup of coffee, and browse my favorite Discourse communities. Without a doubt, it is the best part of my day. :slight_smile:


As I’m typing this on my Pixelbook Go, I just wanted to add that I was looking at a Chromeblet (Google terminology for Chrome OS tablet) today, and the Discourse PWA honestly feels like a native app on Chrome OS. Words cannot describe how impressed and stunned I am.

Android tablets are horrific. They need to die. Chromeblets like the Lenovo Chromebook Duet are awesome, and they nearly rival iPads when it comes to the experience (especially browsing Discourse communities).

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Discourse theme that somebody made based around Google’s Material Design. It isn’t perfect (doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Material Design 2), but it still looks great. I hope that the developer of it expands on the theme and makes it fit in extremely well with Material Design 2. The dark mode version of the theme should be merged with the main theme. That would make my day. It would fit well with the automatic dark mode feature. :grinning:

Google+ was my favorite social network. Google might’ve shut it down, but Discourse communities are a great substitute.


Google is lucky to have a loyal customer like you. You just doubled the Google+ fans I’ve met in my lifetime! :wink:


That emoji suggests that one of your eyes are shut. You’re missing out on the other side of the picture. :slight_smile:

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