Discourse crash, Ubuntu 16.04 64bit VM,

(Dion Beukes) #1

Hi, I wonder if someone here can help. I have a new clean install of Discourse ( the docker install ) everything is working fine, but every day I check back, the vm has crashed. I get a 502 Bad Gateway Nginx error. I have checked the error log in discourse and nothing listed in there. I don’t even get SSH access so I have to restart or reset the vm, Im in testing phase at the moment and running the vm on virtualbox on my development server. I will move it over when in production to another server. I doubt its ubuntu, because I have 3 other ubuntu 16.04 vm’s on the same server and they are running perfectly. I have done a rebuild of the app, but I had gotten this crash every day so far before the rebuild. I only have one extra plugin installed, and only installed this plugin yesterday, and gotten this crash before the plugin install. I can do a new vm and discourse install, but I have done a lot of configuration, so would prefer not to. Would you maybe suggest a different vm OS other than ubuntu 16.04.
v1.8.0.beta4 +12, I was on the previous build and updated to this one. I had the crash before the update. The vm has got 2GB ram, 20GB hdd, 1 nic in bridged mode, 2 cpu’s, PAE/NX enabled, and “KVM acceleration” with hardware virtualisation VT-x/AMD-V and nested paging enabled.

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(Sam Saffron) #2

Hunt through your logs, is there anything there?

What is memory doing on the machine?

Do you have NGINX on the host inside the VM that is competing with NGINX in the container?

What version of Docker are you running?

(Dion Beukes) #3

Hi, Im only running discourse on that vm thats all nothing else, I will need to check which version of Docker Im running when I get back home. Its the version that came with the install script on the Discourse github. I did a base ubuntu install with standard system utilities & ssh. Thats it, then I did the full automated install of discourse as per the instructions on the github page. Im new to Docker, Ive not used it much before this is the first time im going to run something for production. The memory looked fine when I checked it.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

If it’s Discourse configuration you mean, then it’s easy to back up the instance and restore it to another.

I’ve done many installs on 16.04 on Digital Ocean and have had no problems.

Could it be something silly like your machine not recovering from suspend or something else grabbing port 80 on the bridged ethernet?

(Dion Beukes) #5

I doubt it its something on the bridged ethernet, I have 2 other ubuntu vm’s which are also running bridged nic’s on my lan and they are fine, and for suspend I doubt its that because I don’t know of ubuntu server going into suspend, highly unlikely that a server os would go into suspend.

(Dion Beukes) #6

if you can tell me which logs to check through I will have a look, let me know of any other system info you would like,