Discourse DDOS droplet

So I setup a fresh install of Discoure on Digital Ocean with a brand new domain.

How is that possible?

I received an email saying:

We’ve detected an outgoing Denial of Service attack (http://do.co/21Y1Gc1) originating from your Droplet. Specifically, we have detected inbound traffic exceeding 0.08 Mb/s and outbound traffic exceeding 374.21 Mb/s. Due to the traffic’s harmful nature, your Droplet was taken offline; this means it is not connected to the internet and all hosted sites and services are unreachable. We know that this action is disruptive, but it’s necessary to protect you, our network, and the target of your Droplet’s attack.

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Maybe your droplet got hacked? Did you secure your SSH service by allowing only logins with SSH keys?

Did you follow the Post-Install Maintenance steps of the setup guide?