Discourse dev server - using a Rock64



Have got Discourse running on my 2013 Apple MBP on VB fine (thanks so much for the guide), but MY GOODNESS: it’s slow :roll_eyes::sleeping: (but always gets there in the end :sweat_smile: )

So I was thinking - rather than upgrading my laptop (perhaps to an overpriced 2017 MBP and putting up with its AWFUL KEYBOARD :persevere:), what about keeping my old MBP and instead buying a Rock64 SBC :sunglasses: (with 4GB - more memory than my Production cloud server), installing Debian and running that as my local Discourse dev server?

Thoughts? Anyone tried this?

NB Not affiliated with Pine64 in any way!

(Héctor Fernández) #2

Why not use a cloud server for development? It’s hard to compete with a cloud server for the convenience, reliability and performance. And for the cost, bear in mind that when you are not developing you can stop the instance and you’ll be only billed for the storage (in some clouds, like AWS, Azure); or you can even use one of the free tier offers.

Plugin development workflow w/ remote dev server

Very good point, Hector! Of course you are right … that is the smart thing to do.

But don’t spoil my fun :tractor: :wink:

(Régis Hanol) #4

Why don’t you try it and report here how it goes? :wink: