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Besides this forum, can someone recommend another place where I can look for experienced Discourse developers ? I have been posting in the Marketplace many times already looking for a developer for a few customization projects but no luck finding one.

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Discourse Meta is definitely the best place to look for a developer that has experience with Discourse setup and maintenance. The skill set required is Ruby/Rails +/- Ember.js (and HTML/CSS) development experience, so you could look elsewhere for people with these skills, although experience with operating Discourse itself is preferable.

Remember that Discourse as a platform for developing plugins is relatively young and there aren’t that many people out there developing for Discourse yet, although it’s a very popular forum platform.


@pacharanero THANKS! It is very frustrating, the forum is hugely popular and active and yet it is near impossible to find an experienced developer to assist with customizations. This is a huge problem for people like myself who have no coding experience or background and barely know CSS. I hope demand for this platform will continue to rise and more developers will come along…

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@needhelp no problem. I’m a Discourse-experienced kind-of-developer myself, but I have one or two existing contracts and mainly do work for these existing customers. I am a medical doctor as well, so my customers tend to be in the healthcare area anyway, and in the UK.

Personally, I don’t tend to respond to requests on the Marketplace because I find that the amounts offered are often laughably low, for what is quite ambitious development requirements. A freelance developer in the UK would charge something like UKP£250-500 per day. (possibly more than that for highly specialised work, which arguably Discourse development is) Some plugins might take weeks of work, and also maintaining a plugin once it’s written also takes time and energy. Just setting up and managing a discourse installation takes time, and also the community management - building an online community, encouraging posting and discussion, etc (which isn’t strictly ‘development’ but can fall inside the role of a ‘Discourse expert’) takes time, experience, and energy.

Additionally, what posters in the Marketplace are requesting is often impractical/impossible without fundamentally changing Discourse’s internals, which may be another reason why not many developers respond to development requests. They can immediately see that the work involved in a particular request may be weeks/months, and the money on offer just isn’t enough to cover that. Bear in mind, as with a lot of development work, there’s no 100% guarantee of a successful final plugin/product that meets with the approval of the customer.

On the other hand, simple CSS and HTML customisations (as well as system email content and other things) can be done from within the Discourse application itself (in the Admin section) and this may be the best place to start if you can either learn enough HTML/CSS yourself, or can hire a web developer. They wouldn’t need to know Ember.js or Ruby/Rails to do this, so literally any web person should be able to do it. Try asking around in your local area.

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Budget is a huge deal too.

If there’s a feature that cost $50000 and the budget is $500 it’s hard to find someone to work on it.


@pacharanero @Falco Yes, totally understand, hope the community will keep growing and more plugins will be available in the near future. Thanks.

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