Discourse directory has disappeared!

I just tried to do an upgrade and it failed. Now when I try to access my Discourse site, I just see a blank screen. So I decided to do a command line rebuild…

But there’s no “discourse” directory under “var” anymore!

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Are you logging into the correct server? I’d check that. It happens to me sometimes. :slight_smile:


Thanks @maiki.

No it was definitely the correct server and the directory definitely disappeared.

I had to reinstall Discourse on the server and restore a backup. Not a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

This sort of report turns up quite often where people can’t find the Discourse files. But they are usually there although there are several reasons why we can’t find them easily. Maybe something like this:

It wasn’t that type of issue. :slight_smile:

After I reinstalled Discourse I can see the directory again and files again.

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Discourse doesn’t remove the directory, ever.

I would personally investigate the server security.