Discourse + Docker on existing VM with PHP site

(Craig Bowes) #1

I have a VM setup for a new website I’m developing (Concrete5, PHP, MySQL) and I was wondering if I would run into any issues with running Discourse+Docker on the same box? Will Docker mess w/ my existing Nginx configurations?

(Matt Palmer) #2

No, a Docker-installed Discourse will not modify your host’s nginx configuration. You should have no problems having both Discourse and existing web technologies co-exist.

(Craig Bowes) #3

Cool, so forgive my docker ignorance here… how do they both receive requests on port 80? Does docker have its own install of nginx that has access to the outside world?

(cpradio) #4

You will want to start with

(Craig Bowes) #5

Thank you @cpradio! I appreciate it.