Discourse doesn't play nice with signatures?

(Austin Hamilton) #1

Hi. I’ve noticed that when emailing in to a discourse instance, a signature is never formatted properly. This is what something looked like when I email in with a signature:

Foo barAustin HMy-JobMy-CompanyMy-EmailMy-phone

The original signature was formatted like this. (Note: the hyphens were added just to make things hopefully easier to distinguish.)

Austin H

My Job
My Company
My Email
My Phone

It seems like whatever the email parser is doing, it isn’t properly distinguishing newlines introduced from the pre-formatted signature. When I send in an email with newlines, it DOES read them into the post properly. I get output like this:

Hi I am going to test this

By including newlines that I manually added.

But not the ones that came from my signature.

Austin H

MyJob MyCompany MyEmail MyPhone

Has anybody else experienced this?

Edit: I’ve tested this with Microsoft’s Outlook.com, and IBM’s Lotus Notes. Similar results with both of them.

(Luke S) #2

Do you mean that you use the automatic signature functionality of outlook.com? I wonder what the text content that is inserted in your emails actually is. Would it be possible to send an email to yourself (perhaps at a different address) And view the email as plain text?

(Sam Saffron) #3

Looks like a dupe of


(Sam Saffron) #4