Discourse::Error: {"errors"=>["Logo url is invalid"]}

(Ahmed Kamal) #1

I keep getting this error

Discourse::Error: {"errors"=>["Logo url is invalid"]}
from /home/user/app/lib/discourse/client.rb:47:inpost’`

when trying to create new category from a client

client = Discourse::Client.new
client.api_username = "staff"
client.category_create(color: "AB9364", description: "D", name: "A", parent_category_id: "847", text_color: "FFFFFF", api_key: "[FILTERED]", api_username: "staff", logo_url: 'https://i.imgur.com/6RNHh8R.jpg')

any image URL generate the same error
once i remove the logo_url parameter the category will be created

am i doing something wrong ?

(Neil Lalonde) #2

The logo_url field was removed recently, so that might be what it’s complaining about. Logo comes from an upload record now.