🗓 Discourse Event

This is very exciting, thank you so much to all the team. I particularly like the option of recurring events.

Have there been any developments on this? We have rather a lot of events that would need migrating.


Yes it’s in the work almost done, Im focusing on another task this week, but will resume soon.


I’m beginning to get the hang of it, it appears to work very well, a few details though:

  • before switching from the plugin events, and rebuilding the app, remember to set the categories/sub-cat default_view to latest (or “rail c” something afterward :sweat_smile:) , default_view: “calendar” will keep you from changing it in the UI.
  • in the post event builder modal, for a private event, I believe all “visible” groups are suggested/allowed, even if the user creating the event is not a member of these groups, I’m not sure it should be the case ?
  • on mobile i think the event “block” is too large (for a private event at least, haven’t checked for public ones)
  • for a private event, the invited users are notified, but I’m not sure if an email is sent ? depends on the category settings maybe and on the user settings probably so I’ll test further :nerd_face:
  • for a private event, the “show all” button should perhaps follow the least favorable interaction settings of the groups invited, for example not showing for standard user if the setting for who can see the members of the group is set to owner ? But it is mitigated by the option displayed invitees limit maybe, so I don’t know :thinking:

Love this, great work on the plugin!

We’ve been testing Discourse Event and it’s working well, but it’s bit hidden in the gear icon, and we have seen some confusion where we asked someone to add an event and they added a date, thinking it was the same — understandable as the date/time button looks like a calendar and is easier to find.

I think ultimately merging this so that the “date” button (calendar icon) is also used for adding events, is probably a good idea. A way to add all time-related things (event, calendar, date) via that calendar icon in the composer toolbar could be useful. Perhaps an option in the plugin, to toggle which are enabled?


It would be nice to be able to export the events of a calendar by using caldav so that it can simple be integrated to mobile phones etc. What do you think?


Small bug — currently in the site setting discourse post event allowed on groups the group everyone is selectable.

But adding everyone there doesn’t work; sounds like that’s b/c it’s a weird internal-only group that should not actually be visible in the UI, per: Can't adjust mention settings for automatic "everyone" group

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Sorry to bug you about this. As we constantly have new events being added, we really need the migration tool to be available before we can deploy the new plugin. Could you give us a sense of how long it might be before it’s ready?

Thanks for all your work. :pray:

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Two more small suggestions here:

  1. Some way of displaying day of week in the event details would be helpful. I see “June 24” for example and I have to either count days in my head or open a separate calendar to see at a glance that’s next Wednesday.

  2. If possible, would love the “Add to Calendar” button more prominent, not hidden behind the dropdown. Most of the other things in that menu are admin-type actions, but “Add to Calendar” ideally is something easy for anyone to view/use.


I’m wondering if there is a better way of handling the .event-invitees section. It currently has flex-direction:column and both .header and .event-invitees-avatars have width: 100%, which overflows if I use longer labels for the statuses:

I could eventually figure out how to get the statuses to line up vertically (for example, by making .discourse-post-event be display: block), but since the number, the label and the hyphen are hard-coded, it will look weird. Also it would be nice if the number, label and separator could be styled separately.



I used the discourse calendar plugin have some error messages.
have missing some setting files
please refer following attachment screenshot


Small bug report. When you set this setting somewhat high:

It doesn’t put the attendees in multiple rows, but rather stretches them horizontally:

I guess it is related to the report two posts above this one.


Feature request: allow organizer to send private messages to all attendees

This could be useful to share details about the event, that shouldn’t be publicly visible.

(I have a specific use case where people organize gatherings in private homes, and want to share the exact address only with users who rsvp’d.)


Would be really useful for sharing conference call links but avoid “Zoom bombing” in this age of Corona. Though maybe revealing content when you register as attending would be simpler/better?

(If anyone has a good workaround idea for posting semi-hidden links, please let me know. We urgently need something for this. I tried the “bbcode-lock” and “bbcode-hide” plugins but they are both broken.)


We send those invitations via PM using the BCC plugin.


Thanks Stephen, just to be clear: you copy a contact list from the event manually to send a PM out via BCC?

No, we copy the usernames into a new PM and use this:

It’s nice to have a final manual filter step. Occasionally someone will RSVP that we decide to drop from attendance and this approach lets us circulate the link more selectively.


Thanks Stephen, I wrote up a step-by-step on how to create events and message individual participants using the BCC plugin on our forum:


Ok, just be aware that discourse-bcc only works for staff. That topic looks to be publicly available, are any non-staff users responsible for organizing events?


Yes, I am aware. That’s why I added a note to contact me if they do not see the option.

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Firstly, thanks a lot for your hard work! This plugin is awesome!

We have a greek music forum (https://rembetiko.gr). Given that we cover a lot of music events in our discussions, this plugin can be really useful for us. We have already installed it and our users have started to use it. Our end-goal is to let users crowdsource new music events in a specific category.

To achieve this, those three more features would be really useful:

  1. Agenda view
    An alternative view on the calendar/upcoming events page, so that users can more easily see the “events of the day”. Similar to what Google Calendar already has.
  2. Sort topics by event datetime
    Self descriptive - for an event-only category, so that users can browse new events more easilly. As a bonus, through this feature, it would be possible to embed events on another page using this.
  3. Embed Calendar
    The ability to embed the calendar/agenda view to another website. (Similar to what Google Calendar already has). Although this can also be achievable with the feature request no. 2.

We are also looking forward to the recurring events functionality (many music events happen every week)! :smiley: