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No worries! It has come a long way already, and the other plugin is still working just fine for now :+1:

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In “create event“ there is the Status option “private” and an associated text field for “Invited Groups” is displayed.

Is there an easy way to invite individual users and not based on groups? The only solution I can think of is create a group for each individual user unless there’s a setting I’m missing.

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Just another bump for the “keep past events” feature. It would be really nice to not have them deleted from the calendar after the time has passed. Thanks for all your great work on this Joffrey!

PS: I am a (rusty) Rails developer and have a few other features I might try to code up and submit to the GitHub repo. Eg: option for bi-weekly event recurrence (this looks easy. Hardest part will be the translations!) … But keeping the past events wasn’t as clear to me to implement with a quick read over the codebase.


I second that! There are so many things that could be added to this plugin for sure. But this is one of the top ones.

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Thanks for this plugin! I am really liking the direction it is going. It will be super useful for my group.

Question, Does is exist, and can anyone point me to documentation on how I could provide a template for when people are entering an event? I am thinking like (be sure to have start\end times, have a URL or page for more information, list a contact person)

Right now I am trying a “best practices” header in the category… but we all know human nature and “Things users do” … so I was hoping I could put some more guard rails in place to make sure we have useful events when they are first entered.

Thanks again!

Recurring Events: Is this a bug or discussed elsewhere? I’ve tried searching but maybe I’m not using the right terms…

I create an event and in advanced mode, I can pick “recurrence” when I have only populated the event start date. As soon as I pick an end date and time, recurrence goes away…

With only start date chosen…

After choosing an end date…

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A bug report/request for localized timezones similar to @tobiaseigen above.

We have three weekly events in our Discourse instance and since the daylight savings change last weekend, all of them were off by an hour because there is no way to store a timezone in the event plugin (it shows the events in local timzone but it is saved as UTC). UTC will get off with DST changes twice every year.

It may make sense for the user to be able to choose a timezone while creating an event and store it in the DB as well.


I already have an internal todo about this, probably the next thing I will tackle.


Hi Guys, I’ve implemented a rake task in the Pavilion Events plugin to migrate the event data to the official Discourse Calendar events. Its not recommended to use it for production yet, but all feedback is welcome.


Thanks for an amazing plugin!

I am writing a guide for my team within apc.org to be able to host events using discourse not only as a space for getting informed about events, but also to encourage participation in the platform through it.

Would love to hear your thoughts about it (you can either reply here or comment on the pad): Workflow for holding online spaces on discourse - HackMD

I would like to know if there is any way to automate the sending of a PM to the user that clicks on the Going button. It would be good so you can ask the user to make sure that they are not sending the PMs to spam, as it could be happening (more on new users).

It would also be good to be able to show the “Going/Interested/Not Going” buttons to Annonymous users, and for that to trigger a login/create user action with a message saying “in order to participate you need to login first”. I think that would be a very good call to action to increase the userbase.



Good call! That would be potentially useful for our sites too.


Sorry for the novice question - I’ve joined just to ask. But having entered a new event, I can see this in the Upcoming Event calendar in the hamburger menu - but I cannot see it listed if I add [calendar][/calendar] tags to the first post, just a totally blank calendar - am I missing something?

I did enable calendar_enabled and also have discourse_post_event enabled.

Any help greatly appreciated.

At the moment I think it’s a bug/non-feature :sweat_smile:

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Is it possible for the ICS file that gets generated by Add to Calendar button to include the included URL in the description (or location in case of zoom meetings)?


Topic list previews still breaks the topic event date display on my forum. If I uncheck display topic list previews in the Plugin setting the topic event dates display.

Some feature requests:

  1. Be able to send an email to a user that just RSVP’d. This could be acomplished by adding an event to message_bus when users RSVP on an event, and reacting to that event with another plugin for example.
    A simple prototype for this would be for the event creator to recieve a message every time someone has RSVP’d, so they can do the reaction manually (by sending a private message to the audience themself).
  2. Show RSVP buttons for anonymous users too as stated in this post (I posted it earlier). The same strategy seems to be being used here, were after registration they get redirected to a certain topic (in this case it could be the RSVP forum for them to take action):
  3. Being able to assign different roles to different users and for it to appear in their avatars, like group labels within the event topic. Similar to group labels. This would allow for event organizers to be distinguished amongst the crowd.

We will do a test run of the workflow we designed this week, so will have new things to report :slight_smile:


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This could be implemented as an event triggered in message_bus here:

It looks it should be done here, but not clear where…

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