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Thanks for your response!
I think it felt strange to have the button in the scroll space, as it turns invisible as more people join.
Maybe it could be a floating element on top of that block? That could be a potential strategy for that button.
Anyway, not a big issue alltogether (you can limit the amount of people shown in that block).


yes agreed the buttons positioning seems weird, will have a look :+1:


I am not sure if this is intentional, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the UI you can change the start time of the event, only the end time?

The workaround is to change it in Markdown but that is less ideal than specifying it in the UI.


thats a recent regression most likely will look today


:thinking: weird…
with 2.7.0.beta7 ( 8c6ea967ae ) I have that:

Ah ! that must be quite recent :sweat_smile:


When an event starts exactly at midnight, it shows:

Screenshot from 2021-04-27 02-17-19

I’d prefer having anything like “Tuesday 00:00 AM” or something that includes a time. I missed that event because I glanced and thought that this event started Tuesday (today) 2:00 AM. If it read Tuesday 00:00 AM → Today 02:00 AM or anything containing two entities with date and time, I probably wouldn’t miss it.

Sure, I can hover every time I see a date, but I feel that this would be counterproductive.

I also don’t know if this is restricted to events: I’ve set my TZ (Preferences → Profile → Timezone) to another TZ but the application always shows local time. I had to change my browser’s TZ to show the desired TZ.


That should fix it:



I’ve noticed that Wiki functionality does not play nicely with these events.

When I make a post containing an event a Wiki, it allows others to edit the post. However, when they go to save it they get an error message along the lines of “This user cannot edit the event”. It explains why nobody was editing the agenda for our events (why did they not complain sooner???).

This appears deliberate, which I can understand as you don’t want people messing with the event code. But a nicer (and clearer) way to do this would be by disabling the ability to make an event containing post into a Wiki in the first place. And documenting that this is the case in the OP (which I’ll do now).


We’re having several weekly recurring events. It generally works great, just with recurring events notifications get a bit noisy. When you expressed interest in an event once, you will be notified of each new recurrence and I don’t see a way for users to drop out of them or for us to disable notifications on these events.

With 3 weekly events and some edits on them, notifications can pile up a bit…:

Our users are having a hard time with the ‘Add to calendar’ feature - they don’t know what an .ics file is, don’t trust etc.

Would it be possible to add a feature to private events that would email an .ics invitation to all members of the groups that were added to the event? And for extra credit: When they RSVP to the invitation, the event is updated (via reply by email feature) as if they had responded directly on the site.

Thanks btw for a great plugin!