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They would be enormously helpful for us, and I’d be interested in a monetary contribution too.

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Feel free to open a PR discussing one point you want to work on (with no code), I will answer in it for sure :+1:


I find no way of opening a PR without any code modifications (it seems I can’t do a RFC PR in the repo as it is configured… can I?).

I will do a small change so I can propose and then cherrypick that change out of the PR once working code is available.


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Do you have a way of doing bounties within discouse? maybe many of us can chip in for these changes! Thanks @nathankershaw for jumping in!


Is there a way how to set a week to start with Monday not Sunday? Discourse Calendar plugin starts on Monday while Discourse Event “Upcoming Events” calendar starts on Sunday.


No sorry there’s no way to alter this for now.


Is there an option (or can there be an option if one doesn’t exist) to display events with a 24h time display instead of it auto-converting to display the time in AM or PM?


Ha, yes! you mean for the English locales !
It’s probably useless in your case and I don’t mean to brag but french locale shows events with 24h time display :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

… and I think English UK does too !

so you can change the default locale parameter or the user interface one.


Well, yes. But not just for English locales. :slight_smile: (For example, someone in our Discourse community from Russia would prefer a 24h display, as would some others around the world.)

I’ll look into this. Thanks!


This was covered in a different topic but not here: there should be an option to auto-bump the event topic just before the event. That does make sense @joffreyjaffeux.


Sorry for the late reply - we’d also be prepared to add to the pot to get this implemented.


This calendar plugin is super cool.

I’m having the same issue at @nolo on this (I didn’t see a response to his Q):

Is there a workaround? What if you check off “Not Going”. Would that disable notifications?


A little update on this issue - only admins or the Original Poster can save their edits to the post which contains the event.

This means that mods or TL3+ can edit the post (even if it is not a wiki) also run into the This user cannot edit the event error when trying to save their edit.

The end result of this is that I have to make anyone who might need to edit an event that they aren’t an OP of and admin, which is quite suboptimal.

Would you mind considering removing this limitation so that anyone who has the right to edit the OP can also edit the event?


Yes ! I have been blocked with this limitation. In my community, admins create the post to prepare an event and when the animator is found, we change the author to give him the permissions to adapt content. But when he saves, he gets this message:



An additional observation after playing around with .ics files:

  1. In order for the event to be automatically placed in the punter’s calendar, the punter’s email address needs to be in the ATTENDEE field:
    • ATTENDEE;CN=useremailaddress@domain.com
    • more details may be required, I didn’t test this extensively

@tobiaseigen - can you see us moving forwards on this any time soon?

Hi, I’m bumping my request for the option to set recurrence = once a year. Are there any plans to add this option?