🗓 Discourse Event

Firstly, thanks a lot for your hard work! This plugin is awesome!

We have a greek music forum (https://rembetiko.gr). Given that we cover a lot of music events in our discussions, this plugin can be really useful for us. We have already installed it and our users have started to use it. Our end-goal is to let users crowdsource new music events in a specific category.

To achieve this, those three more features would be really useful:

  1. Agenda view
    An alternative view on the calendar/upcoming events page, so that users can more easily see the “events of the day”. Similar to what Google Calendar already has.
  2. Sort topics by event datetime
    Self descriptive - for an event-only category, so that users can browse new events more easilly. As a bonus, through this feature, it would be possible to embed events on another page using this.
  3. Embed Calendar
    The ability to embed the calendar/agenda view to another website. (Similar to what Google Calendar already has). Although this can also be achievable with the feature request no. 2.

We are also looking forward to the recurring events functionality (many music events happen every week)! :smiley:


Hi, I don’t see the date of the event after the topic title in the topic list :frowning:

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with the parameter display post event date on topic title enabled ?
:thinking: it is working with 2.6.0.beta1( b9174c8e8a )

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Yes, all enabled, I have 2.6.0.beta1 (544a9865c6)

weird, https://github.com/discourse/discourse-calendar/blob/master/assets/javascripts/initializers/decorate-topic-title.js.es6 hasn’t change since april…

I just rebuilt to 2.6.0.beta1 ( 544a9865c6 ) and it’s still working here (for past events at least!).

If I use redis-cli flushall ?
Before I have installed other Discourse Event plugin

do you mean the

if so, what are you calling “event” ? It should show in the raw post as

[event start=“2020-05-26 23:45” status=“public” end=“2020-05-27 02:15”]

Right, sorry, Events Plugin. Event in raw post works:

But then nothing in the title on topic list:

any other plugins ?

Hi, I have installed:

babble 4.2.0
discourse-cakeday 0.2
discourse-calendar 0.2
discourse-topic-list-previews 4.4.0
discourse-whos-online 1.0
docker_manager 0.1

and in theme component:

Blog Post Styling
Custom Header Links (disabled for now)
Easy Footer
Featured Tiles
Header Links Theme Component
Scroll to Top
Slick - Gallery Component
Tiles - Gallery Component
User Portfolio

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you might try to disable topic-list-previews, not sure of anything but :roll_eyes:


Right, I have disabled Topic List Previews and now it works :frowning:



:+1: @merefield do you want a bug report at pavilion ?

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Actually this Topic relates to the official Event plugin. We look after Events :). But yes, if it relates to the latter please raise on Pavilion.

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:sweat_smile: actually that’s why I ask, I’m not sure if it relates to discourse-event or pavilion-topic-list-previews, pavilion-events I’m sure it doesn’t !
But both event and topic-list-previews “cook” the title, event with the function initializeDecorateTopicTitle and I can’t figure out if the condition if (topicTitleType === "topic-list-item-title") is not robust enough and/or if topic-list-preview changes it.


Oh haha, sorry, should have read further back, apologies!

I’m not convinced you can call this a bug with TLP though, it’s just a clash if they are both processing the title. The plugins simply don’t work together, not really a bug.

Hmmm … why would Event be processing the title? Doesn’t it use the available plugin outlet like Events does? If not, should there be an additional plugin outlet?

For now I would say if you want event functionality with TLP, use Events plugin instead.


TLP ! topic list preview :joy: I was wondering what that was while browsing in the directories of the plugin…

well above my understanding I’m afraid :roll_eyes:

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Where are you seeing this call in TLP?

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Not in TLP, in calendar, I only understand so much about what TLP is doing and how :sweat_smile:

discourse-calendar/decorate-topic-title.js.es6 at master · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub

Can we do this? I think it’s very interesting.

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