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Hi Joffrey. I’ve just had another go at attempting an event in a PM, and it seems that either the issue has recurred or we never got around to fixing it.

Hi, just testing this plugin in Tests-Pass. Looks fantastic!

Re-wrote to “Calendar” since “Upcoming Events” was much longer than all other text in our Hamburger Menu. Customized under js.discourse_post_event.upcoming_events.title

  • Would be awesome to add a Subscribe button to /upcoming-events/
  • Is it possible to re-define /upcoming-events/ to a different URL such as /calendar? Did not find an option under admin.
  • Our Create Event option is buried within the Gear icon. Has anyone tried adding Create Event more promiently next to the Post via CSS? Perhaps in a similar manner to how Question and Answer plugin makes it obvious people can submit questions responses as opposed to basic replies.

It could also make sense to add the “Create Event” button next to category selection and tag selection, as it was done on the previous plugin. Users definitely could wrap their heads around it more quickly.


It would also be useful to optionally set a maximum number of participants. This is meetup functionality, but also something that will continue to crop up as we handle covid and limitations in terms of people who can show up at LocationA or join Zoom MeetingB

Thanks for considering.

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How do you get the full list of participants for an event? If I click on the “show all” button, I only see the first 10 and a search field. A workaround seems to be to set the “displayed invitees limit” higher, but then it breaks the layout. Is there another way? Thanks!



If you update the plugin, the show all limit has been raised, I will add pagination at some point, so in the meantime it’s still limited to 200 I think.


Thanks a lot! Small feature request: A quick way to send a pm to all participants / people interested.


People going are automatically watching the topic.
People interested are automatically tracking the topic.

So any post on this topic should catch their attention.


Has the ability to download a calendar event to your google cal been added or planned? This way a person can sync their calendars.

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Yes it’s planned, it’s possible ATM but very basic and not synced. Im waiting for a feature in Discourse core


This is great.

1 Is it possible to add the add event button to the main editor line (where the bold, italics, insert link, etc… buttons appear), instead of “hidden” behind the tools icon?

This seems at least as important as adding a gif or emoji.

2 And is this add event functionality meant to replace the insert date/time button that is on the main editor line now?

I understand that the insert date/time button allows you to add calendar entries in replies to a topic with a calendar in the original topic. But what about in the original topic: doesn’t the event creation functionality in the calendar plugin just provide a better version of the insert date/time button?

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Thanks a lot for this great plugin! And as I can see, recurring events are implemented and maybe still being worked on. As I’m curious I would be interested how they work: Does it create a topic per recurrence? If not, how are they supposed to work? If yes, when are the new topics created?


Hi yes still being worked on, atm I dont plan to create a new topic, Im thinking of making two things

  • compute the future dates on fly when showing upcoming-events page
  • when an event ends if it’s recurring, it will compute next start date/end date and reset the state of invitees -> this part is already almost fully working

That makes sense, thanks.

While this sounds good, it makes it hard for attendees to show their interest or attendance on upcoming recurrences, f.e. one only wants to show interest for the recurrence on Tuesday on a daily recurring event and would have to do this after the end date of the last recurrence. Do you already have an idea how to tackle that situation?


Eventually yes, but in a future iteration and not for v1 of recurring events.

Basically the solution would be to allow to see in the UI the next occurrences, and allow to set your attendance. There are all kinds of questions around changing dates and what to do with these future invitees (probably destroying it). I just have more urgent things to fix than this daily usecase. It should work for most weekly/monthly usecases as it is now.


It might come from there :
since the next commit avoids dropping the read only table?

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We have a fix coming for this thanks to @Roman_Rizzi https://github.com/discourse/discourse-calendar/pull/58


Yup we kept the tables around just in case the migrations go wrong. It has been 2 weeks now so I’ve gone ahead to drop the tables.



It’s a detail but I was wondering if it would be nice having the same color (bg and border) for an event in the calendar and its category? :thinking:
If so, would that work, adding
color: #${post.topic.category.color}
around of line 50 of https://github.com/discourse/discourse-calendar/blob/master/assets/javascripts/discourse/components/upcoming-events-calendar.js.es6 ?


ah, I forgot about the PM :sweat_smile:, not sure if they have a category

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My users have pointed out a UI issue with using Not Going, which has left them confused.

At present, you cannot select ‘Not Going’ initially. The only options presented are ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’.
For example:

It only becomes an option after you have clicked either Interested or Going. This is something that people will not do intuitively.

Could we have a better way for achieving this? A simple “Not Going” button next to the others would probably work just fine.


Maybe only for private events though :thinking:

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