Discourse Fails to Load Due to Cloudflare Settings (TLS 1.0+ >> 1.2+)

I recently upgraded seven sites to 2.4.0.beta4 and everything went well with six of them. The seventh site, however, no longer loads. The only difference between the seventh site and the others is that it has the Discourse Solved plugin installed. I removed Discourse Solved and rebuilt the container, but that did not solve the problem.

I then ran Discourse Doctor, and received this ‘error’:

Discourse version at forum.confident.faith: NOT FOUND

I have no idea how to go about attempting to fix this problem.

Thus far, I have tried:

  • rebuilding the app (a number of times);
  • rebuilding the app with Discourse Solved omitted;
  • deleting and reacquiring SSL certs from Let’s Encrypt;
  • rebooting the server (and then rebuilding).

Discourse is still inaccessible.

I managed to get the site online again by ‘pausing’ it via the Cloudflare console (as suggested in this topic), but this is decidedly not a permanent solution.

That sounds like Cloudflare is touching your javascript, and that will break things. Here are some notes on my setup with CF: S3 image bandwidth costs are getting annoying

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I’ve discovered the solution. It seems that this particular install was set in Cloudflare to accept TLS 1.0+ connections; I switched that to TLS1.2+ connections, and the connectivity errors have been resolved.