Discourse for Coding Horror


Have you considered integrating Discourse into Coding Horror comments in a similar way that it has been done with How-To Geek?

Coding Horror gets a large number of reasonable comments and many of those people also have expertise on the topic posted. I have seen many people try and start a two way discussion, but in the end it just ends up a bunch of jumbled comments with no conversation.

Many times I’ve wanted to comment on something on Coding Horror (and I have done on the rare occasion), but it really is a dead end in terms of feedback. I just post and need to check back every day for the next few days to see if someone agrees or challenges or nothing.

I always read the comments on CH, because I know many other smart people read Jeff’s blog and there is usually plenty of extra information provided.

What do others think?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Possibly, but being TypePad I can’t use our WordPress plugin… so there would be no integration, just a link to the forum topic that I’d have to create manually.

I’d rather focus on our partners than selfishly on my own site, for this reason among others…

But I certainly acknowledge the need! It makes sense, just not right now.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Now that My blog is moved to Ghost, this will happen sometime today.