Discourse for Equity/Stock Market

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #1

Hello there,

I am trying to build a discourse forum for stock markets in India. Its currently hosted on Linode. Its accessible at http://forum.invesmentswise.com. The question that I have is how do I manage 3500 + stocks? What should be the right approach? 3500 categories or 3500 topics? Plus there are various operations on each stock like intraday purchase, futures options etc. Not sure how to support. I love discourse and want to make use of it. Please advise

(Eli the Bearded) #2

Maybe you want to tag things with the stock symbol. That way you can have a topic that covers multiple stocks at once, and easily searchable for any particular stock.

You DO NOT WANT a huge number of categories.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #3

Thanks @elijah do you mean I should have a hierarchy like Category -> Stocks -> 3500 topics?

(Eli the Bearded) #4

I mean that there is a tag feature built into Discourse and this seems like an ideal use of tags.

Look at the Car Talk community which uses tags extensively: https://community.cartalk.com/

Here’s one topic there:

It has a dodge tag and a ram1500 tag. People can find all the Dodge stuff easily or just all the Ram 1500 stuff.

(Ratul Bhattacharya) #5

thank you so much @elijah. I will take a look