Discourse forum with Cloudflare


I installed Discourse on my machine, and connected it to Cloudflare. When I connect to IP I see forum page, but when connecting with domain name I see error.

I tried to add cloudflare template to app.yml file and I experimented with Cloudflare options and… nothing :confused:

Could anyone help me?

Ps. My English is not very good


  1. I install discourse on forum.example.com domain
    And…? I don’t understand a lot, because I’m not into IT :confused:

This is incorrect.

First, a couple of questions:

  • Is your Discourse configured to use Let’s Encrypt?
  • What SSL mode is configured at CloudFlare for the domain, look under the Crypto tab for your domain at Cloudflare:

No, it isn’t. (Is it bad?)

@nalldev Start by Disabling cloudflare optimisation (On DNS Tab, make Cloud Icon Grey for Your forum subdomain)

If that makes your forum appear correctly then You can do necessary tweaking to your yml file e.g. including cloudflare template then start from there.

@NallDev Can you please let us know how and where you installed Discourse?

Did you use the official install guide, and a VPS such as DigitalOcean?

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