Discourse Healthcheck Endpoint

(Aaron Boushley) #1

I’ve skimmed through the source and searched the docs and haven’t been able to find a healthcheck endpoint for discourse.

What I’m looking for in a healthcheck endpoint is something that returns a 200 if things are healthy and returns a non-200 response with an error message if there is a problem. This can be used for load balancers and monitoring software like nagios.

Did I miss something when looking through the routes.rb file? If not would you be open to a PR that adds a healthcheck endpoint?

(Robin Ward) #2

/srv/status should work for you :slight_smile:

(Aaron Boushley) #3

Thanks eviltrout.

Guess I missed that when skimming through the routes file, I see it now.

Thanks again.

(Robin Ward) #4