Discourse Hosted at an IP


This is my first time setting up discourse and I have run into an issue regarding forwarding from goDaddy.

  • My url is hosted by godaddy
  • I have installed discourse on a digital ocean server and it is visible and working through an IP.
  • I have the discourse hostname set to forum.mySite.com
  • forum dot mySite is setup as a subdomain on goDaddy

However I cannot get the line forum.mySite.com to go to the IP address with Masking. If I use goDaddy without masking the forwarder works fine. I am sure there is something about URL rewriting that I dont understand yet.

Any help would be great!

This should help (search this site for plenty of advice)


Perfect. An A name and a bit of patience was the trick. I guess I shouldn’t have wasted 2 hours messing around with nginx.