Discourse Hosting - Digital Ocean vs Linode

(Pooja Patel) #1

Which is Best platform to install Discourse?

Digital Ocean vs Linode

  1. Cost wise -
  2. Performancewise -

I am newbie and need to know only little bit about technology. so which platform best for me.

(Nam Nguyen) #2

My opinion >> Digital Ocean

(Pooja Patel) #3

can I go with 1gb plan for starting my forum? installation or handling active user 100 around.

is there any method for montize discourse forum.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Yes, just follow the official guide.


(Carl Jackson) #5

I absolutely love digital ocean. Ease of use, transparent pricing, pre-configured droplets and responsive support have earned my loyalty.

Cost/Performance wise you’ll probably get about the same deal with Linode, varying depending on promotions etc.