Discourse Image Viewer Not Showing an Image Can Be Zoomed

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On the Keyboard Maestro Forum we’ve recently been having problems with images that are retroactively resized using the percentile-based-zoom buttons in the forum editor.

When I’m reading the forum I usually fix grossly large images if I have time, and lately these images cannot be zoomed to full-size by the forum image viewer. You have to open in a new tab to view the full-sized image.

I’ve seen this behavior before on occasion, but now it is common.

Normal users will be confused by this.

An example:

![Skjermbilde 2021-08-27 kl. 13.12.17|571x318, 75%](upload://rOSIDmulhz42naCBPRLf0aVVEBy.png)

From this post:

In searching the meta forum I find references to cooking/not-cooking an image, but I don’t see anything recent or definitive.

I hope there’s an easy fix I’m missing.


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I forgot to mention – Peter is presently running Discourse v2.7.7

Isn’t this a case of the images not getting the lightbox because they are too small for it?

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I think that is not likely.

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There are two site settings that affect this.


controls the max height a thumbnail can have. It defaults to 500px.


controls the max width a thumbnail can have. It defaults to 690px.

If an image exceeds either of those dimensions, it will get lightboxed. The image in the post you shared is too small to trigger either of those.

I can see lightboxes working fine on other - larger - images in that topic.

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I think not. This is the actual size of the shared image: 571x318


It was resized using the Discourse Percentile Resize Widget by me on the Keyboard Maestro forum.

I have done so in this post as well – let’s see if it gets lightboxed here.


Okay, it’s not getting lightboxed on the meta forum.

I’ll check with Peter about the height/width defaults on the KM forum.

But – this issue has occurred when I’ve retroactively resized MUCH larger images.

I’ll see if I can create a repeatable test-case and get back to you.

Thank you for the feedback!

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