Discourse in Meteor?

(Matthew Davis) #1

There was a discussion at Meteor and things get interesting when a commenter spoke about Discourse could consider implement in Meteor, moving away from RubyonRail for isomorphic javascript, Latency Compensation and ultra fast development cycle.

With some packages from Meteorhack helps improving the security features for Meteor, Discourse team could lead in contributing Meteor and Node.js world since RubyonRail has been slowly decline in favour of better performance and less miss hits in Node.js.

Why not give your team a try and see how things go? I bet it’s gonna fun!

(Khoa Nguyen) #2

I think at this state, There shouldn’t have any questions about Discourse Stack. Moving to Meteor means that everything have to be re-written from Frontend to Backend

(Matthew Davis) #3

Meteor has all the 7 principals:

  1. Server rendered pages are not optional
  2. Act immediately on user input
  3. React to data changes
  4. Control the data exchange with the server
  5. Don’t break history, enhance it
  6. Push code updates
  7. Predict behavior

(Khoa Nguyen) #4

Don’t tell us about Meteor benefit. Tell us why Discourse should move to Meteor?

(Matthew Davis) #5

I have no problem is they wish to remain status quo. Development do rewritten most of the time, including the next AngularJS which is currently in makeover. This should help RoR developers to focus adding features and less worried on slow or instability performance like you guys are having now.

Before that I came from Play framework where Java has been slowly replace by Scala in favour for the same reasons.

(Dinesh S) #6

At this point, I seriously doubt they would be willing to move away from ruby on rails, unless you have a very strong reason. Have a look at Jeff’s blog post Why ruby ?

(Matthew Davis) #7

I cannot claim my points is strong since I just a PHP programmer.

  1. Javascript is the strong reason for lowest entry barrier for web designers, Python, .Net, Java, PHP, Cobol, C/C++ programmers.
    javascript, rubyonrail, nodejs, and mongodb Job Trends | Indeed.com

  2. A universal language like English, on the other hands, job trends and anyone without strong knowledge in their languages domain will find javascript is easier to pick up.

  3. Most students start at young age will be expose to learning Javascript

  4. SME/SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) web agencies can participate in improvements. Can you share how many of them are using Ruby for projects?

  5. Meteor doesn’t force to structure the way MVC frameworks does.

  6. Meteor is not cool and not boring either, you get licensing free and full-time support from Meteor Development Group (MDG) and the community. You have the best of both world and expanding on Meteor’s features is an infinite opportunity, you could even take on VBulletin and other forums made in PHP. Having working on some projects using VBulletin, it’s a nightmare.

Okay, I know my points aren’t strong to replace status quo that just works well, remember, Javascript create jobs, Rubyonrails is rare in my country.

Other resources I think you might have came across:


(Jens Maier) #8

Discourse has been in development for several years now. Do you seriously suggest to throw away tens of thousands of hours of work and start over just because there’s a new “cool” framework on the horizon?

(mountain) #9

@codinghorror’s reasons for using Ruby was based on the fact that “coding in Ruby isn’t cool anymore”. The antithesis to following the Next Big Thing® which appears to be what this topic is about.


I’ve played with Meteor. It’s interesting, and a lot of what they’re doing is very forward-looking. But…

Ripping out the guts of a well working system with (tens? hundreds? of) thousands of lines of code is just plain wrong. Having run an IP.Board system for the last 5 years, Discourse is a breath of fresh air. Sure there are things that it needs to catch up with, but the underlying stack (Rails) will not be the limiting factor.

One of the main benefits from this being an open source rails project is you get the entire schema. So why not go ahead, and make your own MisCourse. Or Meteourse. Or whatever you want to call it.