Discourse in the Windows App Store

(Brahn) #1

This is something that I thought would be an interesting experiment when I first heard about Project Westminster via Publish responsive websites to the Windows Store with Project Westminster

Now that Windows 10 is out and the app dev SDK is updated… here is my discourse instance in the windows app store - ClarionHub (Windows 10 only!)

Ignore for now my efforts at creating icons and lack of details in the app store meta data which I plan to fix up when I get a chance :smile:

There are a few issues of course since discourse is designed to run in a standard browser, like the lack of a “Back” button, but overall it works quite well. The workflow for logging in is not so great as it opens a new instance of the app in order to do the oAuth stuff but I think that might be fixable with the correct configurations. Clicking on links that are supposed to open in a new window results in a new instance of the “app” so that is a strange experience and would need to be fixed somehow. What would be great is if there was a way to trigger the OS notifications which should be possible as well but probably needs a plugin (?).