Discourse Install doesn't work

Installation failed somewhere.
I have tried this several times now following this guide:
discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Last install I tried got this:

Tried again on Ubuntu 16.04.5, still not working.

Probably should be in the “Support” category for the time being?

Maybe its getting late here but I can’t see any errors in your setup script response?

What response do you get from the server when you type in the domain and separately the IP address?


I will try on Linode now.

Sounds like a DNS problem.

After running a successful bootstrap, please share the DNS and IP of the droplet.

I will try with new domain.
Previously was using cloudflare dns/no cdn.

Correct :smiley:
No idea why previous domain has dns issue.
Fixed now.

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But wait, if domain can’t resolved due to DNS problem.
Server IP should work fine right?
On my case server IP doesn’t work also.

Discourse doesn’t work properly with IP Address for common uses. Please use a valid and configured DNS.


Not sure if it’s really a DNS issue.

But to re-produce my problem:

  • Create a new server/new IP using new domain (haven’t use for discourse before)

  • Installation will be successful, and website works fine.

  • Now destroy the server/rebuilt using the same IP

  • Install Discourse again with the same Domain, and website will not work anymore this time.

Where should I inspect to fix this issue?
I can provide the domain and server access in PM if somebody wants to dig more deeper.


My live discourse works fine.
Server IP redirects to the hostname/domain.

Your PC caching the dns name’s IP address?

Windows does that

You need something like ipconfig flushdns or similar to flush the cache.

But during server rebuilt IP is retain.
Same server ip for the domain 1st and 2nd install.

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