Discourse Instance goes blank at intervals


Hi, between intervals my new discourse instance “forum.jobhunters.ng” goes blank. This happens mostly when i make a change, when i try saving changes. I really would appreciate any help or advise resolving this issue as it is re-occurring more frequently. Need i say at the time of this posting my instance appears blank on chrome but live on firefox.

Is there a common error/FAQ for errors thread i could fallback on whenever i experience some kindaa issue. Searching the forum most times doesn’t help me(Perhaps i am searching the wrong way)

(Mittineague) #2

I just tried it and it loaded fine for me.

Intermittent problems can be a real bear to solve.

One thing, “doesn’t work” or “blank page” or other vague clues don’t really help much.

If you look at your browsers dev console for error messages next time it happens, or happen to figure out what steps can be followed to repeatedly cause the problem, there will be a much better chance of figuring out the cause.


Thanks @Mittineague. Would sure look out for these clues or perhaps would try getting the error logs upon occurrence.