Discourse Invitation Link

I wanted to invite someone to discourse but forgot their email address. :man_facepalming: Can we have a “get-invitation-link” button somewhere in the invites bar? I know there’s a link for that specific email address, but nothing for all invites. Something like this:

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I’m sorry, I don’t understand this? What problem is being solved here? How are you going to contact that person if you have no way of emailing them? Drive to their house, knock on their door? :thinking:

Relevant ones might be through chat (discord, chat in video games, steam, etc.) or messaging in other forums. I think a lot of people might not want to share their email with internet friends.


You can generate generic invite tokens if you are an Admin, via:

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They’ll need to share it with Discourse to be able to sign up, though, so at some point that has to happen.

I’m talking about outside of Discourse, such as sending a PM via Discord, inviting them to discourse. I wont know their email in that case.

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