Discourse is not sending digests

(Tsu) #1

I am sorry if this has already been asked, but the search didn’t yield any results.

My Discourse installation doesn’t send digests to users which have registered, activated and are approved, but did never actually log in. How can I change that and have weekly digests sent to them?

(Kane York) #2

Can you post a screenshot of the email logs, with the addresses taken out?


(p.s. do not post the Reply Key column either, in the Sent tab)

(Homebrew Hops) #3

Discourse has been found by the Eve Online Community (I recognize the avatars). Probably a good thing!

(Tsu) #4

It’s a long list. Please allow me to describe it instead of posting:

Users, who get digests:
• have entries with {user, to address, email type=digest}

Users who don’t receive digests:
• don’t even appear in the list. In no list under “email” to be precise.

No errors are logged for emailing.

(Kane York) #5

What happens if you go to their preferences? What are the email preferences set up like?

(James Milligan) #6

I created a similar topic 3 weeks ago (I didn’t see yours at the time), @codinghorror chipped in, it appears it may be a bug:

(Tsu) #7

It’s set to ‘daily’.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Is mailing list mode checked for this user? That resolved it for @lake54.

(Tsu) #9

@codinghorror, no, mailing list mode is not checked. The user(s) didn’t modify their settings, at all.

Here’s data from dump.sql about one such user:

# user
18	Letizia	2014-10-12 11:27:00	2014-10-14 05:47:52.197575	Letizia Amelana	0	\N	xxxxx@web.de	\N	\N	t	letizia	\N	2014-10-14 10:01:00	f	\N	t	0	t	t	t	6	2014-10-14 05:47:52.183628	\N	\N	\N	\N	\N	\N	0	0	\N	\N	f	t	f	f	f	\N	\N	f	f	de	\N	\N	\N	f	f	f

# user_profiles
18	\N	\N	\N	\N	\N	\N	1	f	\N	\N

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