Discourse Login for External Chat

Hello All,

I’d like to use Discourse oauth login to login to my an external chat service like

  • Rocket.Chat
  • Discord
  • Slack
  • Web IRC.

Has anyone tried this?

I want the integration only at the user authentication level, that is discourse oauth. rest of the features I want to use from the chat system.

Any ideas?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve here.

Whether you want the users of this service to be able to log in to your discourse server

or the opposite.

because it is only possible the way where they can log in to discourse using their existing sign in. not the other way.

Opposite. We now have a fairly large community in our discourse server.

In some conversations, a chat is more suitable than a discourse forum messages.

So, I wanted to present an interface where users can chat with each-other, however they should not be asked to login-in again. (discourse-babble does not suitable. I wanted a multi-person chat along the lines I shared above).

Because those services have their own login system, one can not just go and make them to let your users log in with your forum credentials.