Discourse + Mail Easy Script


I’ve run out of time and need to get back to life, making monies, and chasing women. I’m gifting the community this simple script I wrote which is solid for it’s intended purpose. When I get a couple of hours this weekend I’ll make a step-by-step how-to for simple send-only mail with Discourse.

The following is intended for a FRESH install single discourse instance on your VPS from DigitalOcean.


  • FRESH Install of Ubuntu 14.04
  • DO Droplet
  • Droplet name set to your Discourse hostname
  • Handy Email
  • Cerveza or Bubble Gum

This works! It’s magic, okay? Not really. Digital Ocean sets the name you give your droplet as a PTR record automatically. I use nslookup to extract this PTR record and fill in a lot of the blanks to setup your Discourse/Mail configuration.

I set this up with exim4, and set the smtp addy to the docker IP, which is magically figured for you as well. Anyone is free to clean this up, add on, or do whatever else. I’m simply out of time and need to move onto other projects.


  • Login via SSH to download and execute the script

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/webeindustry/discourse-mail/master/install.sh; chmod +x install.sh; sudo ./install.sh

  • When prompted enter your Email Address

…that’s it, folks.