Discourse math causing errors on site


How to check all the posts of a user from day 1?

I tried accessing this URL
(but this URL doesn’t show posts from day 1)

It does.
But if the user has written thousands of posts you will pass 1 hour of your time scrolling the page to load all the posts up to the first.

It doesn’t. Its not letting me scroll down till I reach posts from day 1. I’m able to scroll down till 20 posts or so.
You may check it yourself.


  1. Find a user who has posted at least 1k posts.
  2. Then go to
  3. Check if its letting you scroll down to posts from day 1.

I’m ready to spend 1 hour or even more than that scrolling down till I reach posts from day 1 - but its not letting me scroll that far.

It seems to work here. I’m getting pages and pages of replies here on Meta. Do you see an errors in the Dev Console (press F12, then scroll down)?

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It lets me check here at meta.
But its not letting me do it in my site :frowning:

This is what I see in the DEV console

What plugins do you have installed?

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When I clicked on the link in the error log found in the developer console it took me to the code - and that code looked like code from the “mathjax plugin”. So, I disabled the plugin and then checked - and found that everything was working. After that I tried enabling it again, and found that - things are actually working now. So, all I had to do was : disable the mathjax plugin and enable it back. Yah :slight_smile:

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I did it here and on my forum. I confirm it works.
Maybe you have some third-party plugins that have broken something?

Try the safe-mode (disable all plugins).

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It was due to the mathjax plugin.

I had to disable it - and then enable it back - to fix this issue.

We all wrote a message at the same time :joy:

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This should not happen if you are using the official mathjax plugin that we ship cc @sam

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Unclear on what mathjax plugin was used

I used this mathjax plugin:

I was about to create a new topic under bug category.
Reason: It stopped working again.
(last time I had to disable and enable the mathjax plugin and I thought its fixed for ever. But I was wrong, it started doing the exact same thing again.)

Will have a look at this.


I don’t know what to do here, I can not repro.

Closing this now.

Hi @sam

I’m including more details here

The plugin that is causing this issue

If I disable it, things work, If I enable it back, things stop working (details I’ve included below)

When this plugin is enabled,

Infinite scrolling at below places "works"

  1. the homepage
  2. /u/user-name/activity/topics
  3. /u/user-name/notifications

Infinite scrolling at below places "doesn’t work"

  1. /u/user-name/activity/replies
  2. /u/user-name/activity
  3. /u/user-name/activity/likes-given
  4. /u/user-name/activity/solved

How to repro this

  1. Install this plugin GitHub - discourse/discourse-math: Official MathJax support for Discourse
  2. Enable it.
  3. Press F5 to refresh the site
  4. Check the places “mentioned above” to notice that infinite scrolling doesn’t work there.
  5. Disable the plugin
  6. Press F5 to refresh the site
  7. After disabling, notice that, at the places “mentioned above” infinite scrolling now works fine.

Error from Chrome Console

Below error I took from the console (when the plugin was enabled, and when I was on a page where infinite scrolling doesn’t work - when I disabled the plugin, this error was no more there)


OK I will try again tomorrow.