Discourse Meetup in Madrid


Hi all,

I would like to meet people using/working/exploring Discourse in Madrid.

I’am happy to organize a meeting between September and October, in the most convenient moment when we have at least 10 participants.

Please, shout if you are interested in participate on it.


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(tzz) #2

May I suggest the second week of November, coinciding with the Madrid Games Week?

I’m pretty sure there’ll be many people attending who will also be interested in Discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

As I mentioned in the other topic for NYC, I am happy to send a care package of Discourse shirts and stickers once the venue and attendees are confirmed. :briefcase:

(Beltran) #4

Hi @PabloC

I’m Beltran from the BitNami project. Count with some of us for the meetup. You can also contact with me If there is anything that we can help you with.


Thanks all for your feedback. Please help me to share the love with your twitter account so we can give a little of distribution.

I can get a place near the center of Madrid, for 10 or 20 participants. Once we have at least 10, we can build the agenda for the meeting, and expect some madrileñean networking also (tapas and cañas I mean!) :smile:

(Richard Smith) #6


Myself and my colleague who run www.firsttimebuyerforum.co.uk would be very interested in coming over from the UK for that meet up, thanks for suggesting it.

(Ajaz) #7

New to Discourse … very interesting project. Happy to travel from UK; would like to come and meet in Madrid.

Currently trying to develop / set up a particular community forum.

Please let me know when / where. Thanks.

(etewiah) #8

I organise a weekly lunch for geeks in Madrid:

A few of the people who attend will be interested so I’ll mention it there. I host a discourse instance myself so will be interested in attending.

(German Viscuso) #9

Hi Pablo. I’m based in Madrid and setting up a production environment with Discourse (a developer community). Will be happy to attend if I can (Oct 10 to 31 is impossible for me). You can reach me via Twitter @germanviscuso or send a priv message.


Great! We need a couple of more people to confirm and the we can start to
draft some agenda for our meetup.

(etewiah) #11

Any update on this? (Just adding this bit because a post has to be minimum 20 characters long :wink:

(versvs) #12

Count on me, Pablo. I have Discourse up and running and I’m in Madrid :slight_smile:

(German Viscuso) #13

We’ll be organizing a meetup in Madrid with Pablo after the holidays. Please hang on!


Yeah! :smile: We will contact you next month.
Happy new year discourseros! :sunny:

(Beltran) #15

It sounds great! Happy new year too.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

I like it! :smile:  

(etewiah) #17

Hey guys, let me know if you are looking for a location to host it. I am at the Madrid International Labs at the moment and I can speak to the guys who run it about this. They have a great space with a projector that they often use to host events. If it is a free event which is somehow related to “entrepreneurship” they will usually allow you to use it for free.


Hi ete! Souns fantastic! Please pm me to discuss this, we are planning to
have this meeting between january and february next year!

El martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013, etewiah escribió:

(David García-Navas) #19

Hello everyone,

Last week we talked to @PabloC about the possibility of making this event happen.

In the agency I’m currently working in, we have installed Discourse, and we are really enjoying it as an internal social network.

We would like to offer our event hall for the Discourse presentation, and, of course, we would also talk about it in our official blog.

So, we agreed with Pablo that the final event date would be the 27th of February (within the morning). For all those who would like to sign up for the event, we have prepared two contact forms, both in -English- and -Spanish-, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with it.

Please, feel free to post any of your suggestions or comments. We hope you will join us with this event!

PD: We already have the event schedule already confirmed, with Pablo, @versvs and our own case talking about our experience with Discourse.

We also already contact to Discourse’s staff (@sam @codinghorror @eviltrout…) to see if they would be interested on talking about it as an introduction by conference call :wink: Would be cool!

Spread the word!


Thanks David! :smile:

Everyone interested, happy to bring more information about the Discourseros meeting in Madrid to anyone. Help us spread the word! :smile: