Discourse Meetup in NYC

(dhyasama) #1

I recently began hacking on Discourse and would be happy to organize a Meetup for others doing the same. It would be fun to connect and share. @SBauch, I noticed you are at VaynerMedia here in New York. Any interest?

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(Sam Bauch) #2

sure, sounds like a great idea.

might be able to host, I’ll ask around and see if anyone else comes forward
as interested!

(dhyasama) #3

Cool cool cool. I can host as well at ffVC at 37th and Sixth.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #4

Same here, we could also host at Bloomberg (59th and Lexington).

(dhyasama) #5

Thanks, Kevin! It looks like we have no shortage of places to host.

(dhyasama) #6

I created a Meetup:


Thoughts on when to get together? Short term, I can do Monday, Tuesday or Thursday next week or any night between 8/13 and 8/16.

(Robin Ward) #7

Awesome! Too bad Toronto isn’t closer to NYC or I’d attend!

Discourse meetup in Toronto
(Kevin P. Fleming) #8

That’s a pretty ambiguous Meetup group name; if your goal is to attract Discourse users and developers in the NYC area, the name should reflect that :smiley:

(Jonathan Sandlund) #9

Totally in! Thanks for kickstarting this :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #10

We can send t shirts and stickers for the meeting once the venue and participants are confirmed. Just let us know where to send them!

(dhyasama) #11

I went ahead and scheduled the first Meetup to get the proverbial ball rolling. Please signup at meetup.com so I can get a head count.

Wednesday, August 14 at 6:30
ff Venture Capital
989 6th Ave, 3rd Floor


Can’t wait to meet everyone!

(dhyasama) #12

Thanks, Jeff! Here are the details:

(Jeff Atwood) #13

OK, so if I send stuff to that address c/o “Discourse Meetup” it will find the right person to be distributed?

(dhyasama) #14

You can address it to me, Jason Reynolds, and I’ll distribute it. Thanks again!

(dhyasama) #15

FYI, at the meetup we’ll provide pizza and drinks (beer, soda, water). Let me know if you have dietary requirements such as gluten free or kosher.

(James A. Anderson) #16

Is this meetup geared towards Discourse developers, Discourse users, or both?

(Brentley Jones) #17

I would hope that it’s both. I think it’s geared towards people that come to this site :smile:

(dhyasama) #18

It’s actually geared towards developers. The challenges and interests of developers and that of users are quite different. Discussions of things such as the plugin architecture, API and Git workflows for upgrades are not pertinent to the average user.

(dhyasama) #19

@codinghorror We’re wrapping up our first meetup. Where are the shirts? :smiley:

FYI, it was a lot of fun and great to chat with other Discourse hackers.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Yes, I totally screwed up, forgot, and did not mail them in time. My apologies. I’ll send them tomorrow!